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Coordinator wanted!


We are looking for an volunteer to help us out as an coordinator based on work for accomodation and food. An Amazon adventure is included ;)

If you are willing to live the best experience in the ecuadorian jungle do not hesitat to apply!



"With hard work and dedication we have managed to perpetuate the species of capuchin monkeys and others with excellent success, now we can listen to them the sweet melody of the songs, every morning. What a beautiful and satisfying feeling!"

Flavio Alvarez

Sacha Yacu, a Quetchua name meaning “Jungle Water”, is a Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Center situated in the lush Ecuadorian rainforest:

SACHA YACU e.V., 4104 Oberwil BL, Freie Gemeinschaftsbank, 4001 Basel, Switzerland

IBAN CH16 0839 2000 1536 7030 4, Konto: 153670304