Help and visit us as a volunteer

The help of volunteers from all over the world is very important for us and makes the project Sacha Yacu possible. Without all the support of volunteers, Sacha Yacu wouldn´t exist.


Who can volunteer?


Groups, couples, families and individuals from all walks of life. You must be 18 to volunteer, or be accompanied by your parent or legal guardian.

It´s no experience necessary and no great Spanish knowledge required. Besides Spanish we speak basic English.


Of course, we are also very happy about biologists, veterinarians, animal experts and carpenters.


Scientific research groups are also welcome - for more information contact us.

activities & working time

accomModations & Amenities

Travel preparation

more informations

SACHA YACU e.V., 4104 Oberwil BL, Freie Gemeinschaftsbank, 4001 Basel, Switzerland

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